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The problem with chiropractic today is that people don’t want to buy what most chiropractors are attempting to sell.


Could you imagine for one moment that you get paid every single month, month after month, whether you see 5 people a day or 250 people a day.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have zero staff?


Wouldn’t it be nice to get 1 to 3 new patient referrals from every new person who ever steps into your office?


Wouldn’t it be nice to not worry about anything?


Building a PCT Practice is easy compared to what most chiropractors are attempting to do.


What we do here at PCT is to put our practice into a box and send it to you in that you use our forms, our words, our methods and it’s so easy that even a Caveman could do it.

Plus, We are the only company of our kind that Guarantees your success.


If you want help in practice…

If you want peace of mind…

If you want to sleep better at night…

Then Call me or email me thru our website here and we’ll start working together…


If you want my help and you want to do this program, I’ll make it happen for you.

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There Is A Treasure At The End Of The Rainbow….A New Practice….A New Life….

Huntington Beach, CA is ground zero where we do our PCT Trainings at my office.

Come join us for a weekend and I promise you that you’ll leave refreshed, trained, and ready to implement our program in your own office on Monday Morning.

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Next PCT Training in Southern California at Dr. Phil’s Office

Friday And Saturday…. December 4 and 5, 2015

Start time: 10am to 6pm both days